There are many opportunities for contributing to St. John's worship service. All are welcome in any of the following ministries, although Chalice Bearers/Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM), Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV) and Worship Leaders must be licensed by the Diocese. Parishioners may also sign up to provide refreshments for coffee hour after the 9:30 AM service.


To serve as an acolyte, one needs to be at least in the fourth grade. After initial training, children are scheduled for those services that do not coincide with Church School. We have no upper age limit for serving as an acolyte.

Altar Flowers

Parishioners may sign up to donate the altar flowers for any Sunday service, often this is done in memory of family member or to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.  The annual altar flowers calender is posted in the narthex. The contribution for each week is $50, paid to the church office. If you would like to sign up to give altar flowers, you may list your name on the calendar in the narthex.

Altar Guild

Members of the altar guild take care of preparation for the Eucharist.

Chalice Bearers/Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM)

Chalice Bearers assist the priest by serving the wine during the Eucharist.  These Chalice Bearers are licensed by the Diocese.


We encourage everyone to participate in the music at St. John's.  The Church School members also sing occasionally at special services and rehearse during their class time.


Parishioners welcome everyone as they arrive at Sunday services and especially welcome guests.




Healing Prayer

After the morning services healing prayer is available in the Chapel. Those who wish to have prayers said for themselves or for another meet in the Chapel after the final dismissal. All who wish to pray for healing over others are also invited.


Parishioners are scheduled to read the Prayers of the People at Sunday and special services.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV)

Lay Eucharistic Visitors assist the priest in taking Holy Communion to the sick both in the hospital and to those parishioners who are not able to get to worship services. These LEVs are licensed by the Diocese.


Parishioners are scheduled to read the Lessons at Sunday and special services.


Parishioners are scheduled to assist with the order of service on Sunday and special services.


The verger typically checks on details prior to a service which frees the clergy to be available to greet parishioners, welcome visitors, and respond to pastoral concerns.

Worship Leaders

In the absence of a priest there are parishioners who lead the Daily Office (Morning or Evening Prayer). These Worship Leaders are licensed by the Diocese.