The elected Lay Leadership of the Parish consists of the Wardens and Vestry

Timothy Frost, Senior Warden  Debbian Blake, Junior Warden

Timothy Frost, Senior Warden

Debbian Blake, Junior Warden

Members of the Vestry and Liaison Responsibilities for 2019

Sr. Warden, Timothy Frost; Jr. Warden, Debbian Blake

Class of 2020: Jean Day (Fellowship and ECW), Roland Stalzer

Class of 2021: Barbara Jenkins (Outreach), Katherine Mistele (Buildings and Grounds)

Class of 2022: Karen Gutterman (Christian Growth and Development), Dong Zhang (Endowment)

Clerk/Treasurer: Margaret Gillespie

Assistant Treasurer:  Gary McCorry

Lay leadership of St. John’s is the Vestry (the board of trustees of the Parish Corporation) consisting of church wardens and vestry members.  The Vestry acts as legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its clergy; selects new clergy leadership when necessary; reviews the Diocesan Budget;  and determines that appropriate programs, policies and procedures are developed and are followed.The Parish By-Laws were last updated in 2014.

The Wardens act as coordinators between the clergy and the parishioners; make arrangements for services, pastoral care and crisis ministry in the absence of the Rector; and in the absence of the Rector, announce any Parish Corporation Meetings, annual or otherwise. 

St. John’s has two church wardens (two-year terms) and six vestry members (three-year terms) elected by qualified voters at the Annual Parish Meeting and serving with staggered terms. 

Each Vestry member serves as liaison to a  parish committee:  Endowment Fund, Episcopal Church Women (ECW), Buildings & Grounds, Christian Growth & Development, Outreach.

The entire Vestry serves as the Stewardship Committee.  The Executive Committee (Wardens, Treasurer and Clerk) handle property issues, finances, general administration and matters that come up between vestry meetings.

The Worship Committee assists the priest in planning the worship opportunities at St. John's.

Annual Parish Meeting

As specified by State and Church Canonical laws and the Parish Bylaws, St. John's holds an annual parish meeting in the month of January. A printed Annual Report is presented to the Parish. Typical items presented at an annual meeting are the election of wardens and members of the vestry, election of members to the endowment committee, and amendments to the bylaws. The year end financial and endowment fund reports and the parish budget for the upcoming year are also presented, as are reports from wardens and committees. The agenda items for consideration are distributed two weeks in advance of the parish and other reports are made available to the parish at the meeting. At the conclusion of each annual meeting, newly elected wardens, vestry members, and members of the endowment committee are commissioned.