The Second Sunday

after the Epiphany


January 20, 2019

9:30 am


Morning Prayer Rite Two

Our mission statement:

Open doors, open hearts,

to call and grow disciples

for the Kingdom of God.


Morning Prayer: Rite Two


This morning we are using our Carillon for hymns. Please listen to the bells play through an entire verse of the hymn and then sing the first verse of the hymn the second time through. Our Carillon was given in loving memory of long-time parishioner and choir member Paula Roberts.


Hymnal 1982                                                       Book of Common Prayer



                  *Opening Hymn

7                      “Christ whose glory fills the skies” (v. 1)                                 


                  *Opening Sentence                                                      p. 76


                  Confession of Sin (Kneel as you are able)                   p. 79


                  *Invitatory and Psalter                                                   p. 80


                        *Jubilate                                                                   p. 82


                        *Psalm 36:5-10                                               (See insert)


                  First Lesson Isaiah 62:1-5                                     (See insert)


                  Canticle 11 The Third Song of Isaiah                             p. 87


                  Second Lesson 1 Corinthians 12:1-11                 (See insert)


                  Canticle 19 The Song of the Redeemed                         p. 94


Third Lesson John 2:1-11                                    (See insert)




                  *Apostles Creed                                                            p. 96

Hymnal                                                                Book of Common Prayer


            *The Lord’s Prayer (Traditional form)                               p. 97


            *Suffrages A                                                                        p. 97


            *Collect of the Day                                                    (See insert)


            *A Collect for Sundays                                                       p. 98


            *A Collect for the Parish                                                  p. 817


            *Prayers of the People

                  The People respond   Hear our prayer. 




            *Offertory Hymn

497                  “How brightly beams the morning star” (v. 1)


            *The Doxology

380 v.3              “Praise God to whom all blessings flow”


            *General Thanksgiving                                                   p. 101


            *A Prayer of St. Chrysostom                                                                     p. 102


            *Dismissal                                                                         p. 102


            *Recessional Hymn

423                  “Immortal, invisible, God only wise (v. 1)





*Please stand as you are able




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