Outreach GIML

 Our Junior Warden in response to our Outreach effort to collect school supplies for People to People's Back to School with Dignity made a special appeal to the congregation and offered to shop for these supplies. The following is her "God In My Life" (GIML) Story.

This morning before leaving to shop for the school backpacks and supplies, I saw an interview with a teenage girl from South Bronx.  She came from a very loving family background, however, they had definitely had many financial struggles.  Only over the past year her father had secured a job that allowed them to move out of public housing into an apartment.  She had applied for a $500 contribution that ABC was sponsoring for the purpose of "helping others".  Her story was that so many of her classmates did not have an opportunity to do their best in school simply because they could not afford school supplies.  She was selected to receive the contribution which she was using to help with supplies for students at her local high school.  What a blessing!  I am sure that there are children and young people in our community that are in the same situation so today's experience of St. John's Outreach mission was even more special for me!

Posted on August 10, 2016 .